Fourth Identical Fully Automated Profiling Line for the Logistics Market

In cooperation with long-standing partner Pack International, Dibalex recently delivered another fully automatic profiling line to a Belgian client.

Innovative Concept

A couple of years ago, we collaborated with our esteemed client to develop a groundbreaking concept for a new production line. This cutting-edge line is engineered to handle profiles ranging in height from 60 to 150 mm and lengths of up to 4500 mm. With an impressive production speed of 30 meters per minute, this line ensures swift and efficient manufacturing.

Enhanced Production Efficiency

In addition to featuring an autonomous punching unit, the line boasts a fully automatic coil change system and an inline welding station. This enables the client to switch coils in just 3 minutes. Furthermore, multiple welding connections are automatically established after the profile is formed. This eliminates the need for additional (robotic) welding equipment, significantly enhancing production efficiency.


Improved Quality Control

Furthermore, the installation was designed with an integrated automatic accelerator for profile discharge and length monitoring. Thanks to an automatic quality control system, defective products can be automatically sorted out, or a profile can be selected for manual quality inspection. Naturally, the machine is automatically adjustable for the production of various types of profiles, providing greater control over quality.