Every market has its own, sometimes very stringent, requirements that products must meet. Requirements that call for a carefully tailored manufacturing process. Dibalex is familiar with the requirements of every market. In the markets below, our profiling lines have been delivering consistent performance for many years.

Storage and Distribution

Suppliers of storage and distribution systems understand that profiles must be sturdy and durable because the load is often high.

Shelves, racks, and profiles supporting and reinforcing conveyor belts must be able to carry the necessary weight and contribute to smooth material and package circulation.

Profiles made with a Dibalex line meet all these requirements and provide your clients with the requested product quality, customization, and cost control

Project Furnishing

Office project planners understand that an office should be a pleasant, adaptable space.

Profiles, therefore, need to be both sturdy and visually appealing. They are used in products for space distribution and (re)design, such as partitions, suspended ceilings, and cable trays.

The project furnishing market demands a variety of profiles that you naturally want to produce with a single profiling line. Dibalex makes it possible.

Furniture and Kitchen Manufacturing

A furniture manufacturer expects profiles in furniture to provide the necessary strength. Additionally, they should have an attractive appearance.

Think of frames for tables and chairs, and profiles for drawers and cabinets. Materials need to be lightweight yet robust, resistant to wear and tear from everyday use.

Furniture manufacturers require a wide variety of profiles, preferably produced with a single line. With a Dibalex profiling line, you can easily adapt to the developments in this dynamic market.


Manufacturers of automobiles and other vehicles set high standards for their suppliers. This places them in the face of numerous challenges.

Window frames, seat rails, and other similar components must be produced in mass production and at a high pace.

Technological advancements are rapidly changing this competitive market. With Dibalex by your side, it becomes possible to meet all of these requirements and challenges.

Renewable Energy

Companies in the renewable energy sector are expected to be innovative, deliver quality, and ensure safety.

They work with enclosures, frames, and other supporting structures, including frames for solar panels, a rapidly growing market.

As a manufacturer, you must adhere to various standards and regulations to deliver safe and high-quality products. With a Dibalex line, this is no longer a problem.


Project developers and contractors deal with various regulations, strongly focus on cost control, and need to be flexible.

In construction, a wide range of profiles is used, including frames and trusses for roof structures. Moreover, the use of steel framing is increasing in construction.

Profiles must be strong and durable to withstand high loads. You want to be able to supply profiles for as many product groups as possible. With a variable adjustable profiling line from Dibalex, this is possible

Agriculture and Horticulture

For entrepreneurs in the agriculture and horticulture sector, competition and sustainability are the major challenges.

Customers require profiles for various applications, including profiles for cultivation gutters. Profiles are often made of aluminum, steel and galvanized steel.

At Dibalex, we understand the requirements of this competitive market, where food safety and environmental protection are paramount. We are eager to tackle these challenges together.