We understand your challenge like no other. Thanks to our innovative strength, we constantly find new solutions to overcome it. Over the years, we've not only invested in new production capabilities but have also introduced an impressive range of innovations and specials to the market.

The Smart Factory According to Dibalex

We are firmly convinced that innovation holds value only when it contributes to your success. This forms the core of our vision for the Smart Factory. That's why we continually stay informed about market developments and your specific challenges, precisely to anticipate them in a timely manner. This is how we make our profiling lines smarter every day, so that, for example, you become less reliant on skilled labor.

Automatic Interchangeable Shaping Roll Sets

Our engineers designed a clever solution to automatically reconfigure profiling machines for a different product. Dibalex is now expanding this concept to encompass six to eight different shaping roll sets.

In this way, we've developed a line that allows for a quick switch between sets in just 8 seconds, enabling the client to produce two related sheet metal products.

Servo-Mechanical Punching Units

Sustainability often goes hand in hand with cost savings. A prime example of this is the increasing implementation of servo-mechanical punching units in our profiling lines.

In contrast to hydraulic systems, servo-mechanical punching units consume energy only when necessary, resulting in lower costs. And they eliminate the risk of leaks, since no oil is used.

Load Cells

Another compelling example of added intelligence is load cells. Whether it's determining baseline settings, tracking changes, or setting limitations, this technology makes fine-tuning easier than ever. This way, you have a complete understanding of the adjustments made and the results they have yielded.

Unmanned Process Control

For one of our clients, we connected a 40-meter-long profiling line to an existing line. Products are automatically transferred to the next line.

The innovation: the line operates entirely unmanned. The machine's process control communicates with the work preparation team, which creates the product programs and determines the production sequence.